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Virolahti is Finland’s southeastern-most municipality and shares both land and sea borders with its eastern neighbour. Some of the better-known attractions of the region are: the bunker museum on highway 7, the historical manor house of Harju, and the Vilkkilä migration highway, which is one of the busiest in Southern Finland. The villa is located in Siikasaari, in the village of Ravijoki, a small and quaint country village by the King’s Road (in Finnish Kuninkaantie).

Siikasaari, a peninsula 5 km long and 1.5 km wide has a landscape typical of the nature found in the Eastern Gulf of Finland archipelago: a bold cliffy shoreline, sandy beaches, bare rock, swamp areas and leafy trees mixed with coniferous forest. Close to the villa is Salpa Line, a fortified line of bunkers, large stone anti-tank obstacles and trenches all built during the war and stretching all the way to Luumäki. The area also has a 100-year old fishing cabin open to visitors.


During the summer, there are excellent possibilities for nature hikes, jogging, cycling, berry and mushroom picking within the close vicinity of the villa. The sea offers great opportunities for fishing, boating, rowing, kayaking and, last but not least, swimming. The Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park can also be found in the same area including the beautiful island of Pisi, where you can grill sausages as you wait for the fish to take bait.

In addition to the Villa’s fishing permit, county permits are available too, which allow you to fish in county and estate waters as well. A Virolahti permit is also an option and this covers all fishing areas within the area.

In the winter you can ski, sleigh, go ice fishing or just enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape. What could be more pleasurable after a strenuous skiing trip than having a relaxing sauna and listening to the silence.


Ravijoki: Harju Agricultural College has Restaurant Aura serving breakfast and lunch, and summertime cafe Kiessi open daily from 12pm to 6pm.

Klamila: grocery store Sale, gas station, post office, cafe and licences for fishing. Klamila harbour has a bar and a kiosk.

Virojoki: bank, S-market, K-extra, hardware store, R-kiosk, Alko, Harry's Caffee, Restaurant Pikkuhukka (pizza delivery), Restaurant Virta etc.

Lokinpesä, Lopotintie 13, 49980 RAVIJOKI

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